Securing Your Confidentiality: Utilizing Guest Mode on Android Phone

Securing Your Confidentiality: Utilizing Guest Mode on Android Phone

Residing in a household where individuals frequently ask to borrow your phone or desiring to keep your phone’s contents hidden from friends and close contacts, there’s a useful trick that may be beneficial.

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The Significance of Guest Mode

Android phones incorporate a profile system that proves particularly helpful when temporarily lending your phone. According to Google, a guest profile is designed for “someone using your device for a short time.” Similar to a regular user, the guest profile establishes its own space on the device, which can be easily deleted once the guest is done using the device.

While the guest profile effectively conceals your files and private data from others, it maintains access to the same Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices as the main profile. If you plan on letting someone else use your Android phone temporarily, activating the guest profile is a wise decision. This ensures that all your files, messages, texts, emails, pictures, and music remain protected from prying eyes.

Users also have the flexibility to add and remove guests at any time. However, it’s important to note that the process of setting up a guest profile might vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of your Android phone, so you may need to adapt the steps accordingly.

How to Activate Guest Mode on Android

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Users & Accounts or a similar function.
    • For a quicker search, typing “multiple users” or “guest mode” in the search box at the top might prove helpful.
  3. Once you locate the “multiple users” option, toggle it on. Enabling this option means that each user will have a distinct profile on your phone.
  4. With the option turned on, users will have the opportunity to “add user.”
  5. When you tap on the newly created profile, you can easily switch to it.
  6. Reverting is also straightforward—follow the same steps above and select the administrator profile. You can grant the guest the ability to make calls and send texts by tapping on the “Allow calls and SMS” option in the guest settings before switching.

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