WhatsApp Introduces New Ranking System for Status Updates I Checkout The Feature Now !!

WhatsApp Introduces New Ranking System for Status Updates I Checkout The Feature Now !!

WhatsApp, a leading instant messaging platform owned by Meta, is renowned for its continuous enhancements aimed at improving user experience. The latest development being tested is a ranking function designed to allow users to preview status updates with larger thumbnails and prioritize updates from specific contacts.

Overview of the New Ranking Feature

According to a report from WaBetaInfo, this new feature is currently available to beta testers who have installed the latest beta version from the Google Play Store. The ranking system is based on several criteria:

  1. Frequent Contact: Users who interact frequently with certain contacts will see those contacts’ status updates prioritized.
  2. Pinned Contact: Chats that users have pinned will also appear higher in the Updates tab.
  3. Recent Messaging: Contacts that users have recently messaged will receive some level of priority in the ranking.
  4. Expiring Status Update: Status updates that are nearing their expiration will be pushed to the top, ensuring users do not miss out on important information.

Key Features and Privacy Considerations

A significant aspect of this update is the removal of timestamps from the status updates list. This change suggests a shift in focus towards prioritizing updates from key contacts rather than highlighting the exact time they were posted.

Importantly, the new ranking system is based on data stored locally on the user’s device. This approach enhances user privacy and data security by preventing the transmission of ranking information to WhatsApp servers. Consequently, if a user reinstalls the application, the ranking data will be reset.

Availability and Future Rollout

Currently, this feature is only accessible to a select group of beta testers. However, it is expected to be rolled out to the general public in the upcoming weeks as part of a broader update.


WhatsApp’s new ranking function for status updates aims to streamline the user experience by prioritizing important contacts and ensuring timely visibility of expiring statuses. By focusing on local data storage, WhatsApp also addresses privacy concerns, making this a user-centric enhancement. Keep an eye out for this feature in the next public update to enjoy an optimized status update experience.

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