WhatsApp Develops New Feature for Posting Status Updates from Desktop App: Here’s How It Works

WhatsApp Develops New Feature for Posting Status Updates from Desktop App: Here’s How It Works

WhatsApp is enhancing its desktop experience for Mac users by introducing a new feature that allows them to share status updates directly from their desktop. This follows the recent launch of a similar feature for Android devices. WhatsApp users can now share images, videos, GIFs, text, and voice messages through status updates from any linked mobile device. Extending this functionality to Mac users, the instant messaging platform aims to provide a seamless experience across different devices.

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New Feature Available for Beta Testers

The latest WhatsApp beta for Mac, version 24.11.73, available on the TestFlight app, includes this new feature. Beta testers can explore the new capability of sharing status updates directly from the status tab on their Mac. A screenshot shared by a portal showed users navigating to the Status Updates tab and posting text or photo status updates, similar to the mobile app functionality. Previously, the Mac app only allowed users to view status updates without the ability to post them.

Enhanced Convenience for Desktop Users

This new feature significantly enhances convenience for users who spend considerable time on their computers. Users no longer need to switch between devices to manage their status updates, making the experience more seamless and integrated. Moreover, users can now share status updates without needing their mobile device to be powered on or connected to the Internet, ensuring a consistent multi-device experience.

Gradual Rollout to More Users

Currently, this feature is available to a select group of beta testers. However, it is expected to be rolled out to more users in the coming days, further enhancing the desktop experience for WhatsApp users on Mac.

Extended Voice Note and Video Features

In addition to the status update feature for Mac, WhatsApp has also recently increased the time limit for posting voice notes as status updates. The Meta-owned app now allows users to share voice notes up to one minute long. This update makes it easier for users to convey detailed thoughts and stories through audio messages without interruption.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has also enabled the posting of longer videos on status updates. This much-awaited feature allows users to share more meaningful and extended clips, which is particularly useful for events, announcements, or moments that require more than just 30 seconds to capture.


WhatsApp’s latest updates reflect its commitment to enhancing user experience by providing consistent features across mobile and desktop platforms. By allowing Mac users to share status updates directly from their desktop and extending the capabilities of voice and video status updates, WhatsApp is making it easier for users to stay connected and share their moments in a more convenient and comprehensive manner.

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