Three Easy Ways to Decrease WhatsApp Backup Size on Android and iOS Devices

Three Easy Ways to Decrease WhatsApp Backup Size on Android and iOS Devices

Google recently implemented a policy change regarding WhatsApp backups, now counting them towards the user’s allotted cloud storage limit. This means that Android users can no longer back up their WhatsApp messages on Google Drive for free, especially if their data exceeds 15 GB. Similarly, iPhone users are affected, as WhatsApp backups are now counted against their iCloud storage, which is capped at 5 GB unless they have an iCloud+ subscription.

For WhatsApp users on either Android or iOS, here are some strategies to reduce the size of their backups and preserve their precious cloud storage:

  1. Disable Auto Media Download: By turning off auto media download, you can prevent unwanted multimedia like videos and photos from being included in your WhatsApp data. This is particularly useful for users in numerous groups where they receive a plethora of “good morning” and “good evening” wishes. Although individual images may seem small, over time they accumulate and occupy substantial storage space.
  2. Exclude Videos from Chat Backups: Videos consume a significant amount of space during WhatsApp chat backups. Simply deselecting the “include videos” option in the WhatsApp backup settings can substantially decrease the backup size. This becomes even more crucial with the introduction of the HD media feature, allowing users to share high-resolution photos and videos without compromising quality.
  3. Activate Disappearing Messages: Enabling disappearing messages ensures that messages and media automatically delete after a specified period, further reducing the backup size. WhatsApp users have the option to enable this feature for all contacts or select specific chats for automatic message deletion.

Bonus Tip: If you have a substantial amount of crucial data, including multimedia, on WhatsApp, purchasing additional cloud storage from Google or Apple may be the only viable option. Google One offers a basic monthly subscription plan starting at Rs 130, providing 100 GB of cloud storage (inclusive of the free 15 GB). Meanwhile, iCloud+ subscriptions are slightly more affordable, with the basic plan priced at Rs 75 per month and offering 50 GB of storage. Additionally, the 200 GB plan, priced at Rs 219 per month, can be shared with friends and family.

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