This Instagram Feature Aims to Assist Teens in Managing and Reducing Screen Time

This Instagram Feature Aims to Assist Teens in Managing and Reducing Screen Time

Meta has been actively enhancing privacy and safety measures for its younger audience on Instagram and Facebook. Tools have been implemented to empower teens in managing the content and search phrases they encounter on the platforms. Recently, Meta introduced additional tools, including Parental Supervision, Nighttime Nudge, and more, as part of its ongoing commitment to user safety.

Many teenagers find themselves immersed in prolonged social media scrolling sessions, particularly on features like Instagram’s Reels and Direct Messages, often compromising their essential sleep. In response, Meta is launching a new Instagram function called “Nighttime Nudges.” This feature aims to promote healthy sleep habits among teenagers by gently encouraging them to log out if they spend more than ten minutes on Reels or Direct Messages late at night.

Last year, Meta introduced tools for Parental Supervision, offering parents insights into how their teenagers utilize the Messenger program without revealing message content. This feature, encompassing time monitoring, contact updates, and privacy settings adjustments, prioritizes the privacy of the younger demographic. Initially released in the US, UK, and Canada, these tools are now being rolled out globally on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Horizon Worlds.

In a bid to enhance safety in Instagram direct messages, Meta is exploring new capabilities to protect users, especially teenagers, from unwanted encounters. Features include safety alerts for potentially suspicious activity and restrictions on individuals over 19 sending private messages to teenagers who aren’t following them. Further functionalities, like invite-only connections, limiting message request invites to text only, and preventing the delivery of unwanted content until the connection is accepted, are also undergoing testing.

Simultaneously, Meta is working to create a positive online experience for teens by introducing features like “Take a Break” on Instagram. Soon, teenagers will receive notifications encouraging breaks and setting daily time limits after spending 20 minutes on Facebook. These efforts underscore Meta’s commitment to fostering a secure and healthy digital environment for its younger user base.

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