How to Verify the Health of Your Android Smartphone’s Battery

How to Verify the Health of Your Android Smartphone's Battery

Lithium-ion batteries, commonly employed in Android smartphones and various electronic devices, are not designed for indefinite longevity. Continuous usage gradually affects the battery’s performance over time.

Regularly monitoring your phone’s battery health is essential to maximizing its overall functionality. Even if your phone boasts the latest Snapdragon processor, its potential is compromised if the battery cannot support it.

Curious about how to assess your phone’s battery health? Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android device and navigate to Battery.
  2. Scroll down to locate the Battery Health option.
  3. Click on Battery Health to access detailed information about your battery. For instance, OnePlus devices display the battery’s maximum capacity, providing an estimate of its current capacity compared to when it was new.
  4. Some phones may offer additional battery options, including optimization tools designed to extend battery life if abnormal discharge has been detected.

If your phone lacks the Battery Health option, an alternative method is available:

  1. Open the Phone app and input ##4636## in the dial pad.
  2. Explore the diagnostics menu that appears to find Battery Information, revealing details such as charge level, battery temperature, and health.

Note: This option may not be universally applicable to all Android phones.

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Additionally, third-party apps like AccuBattery can be employed to monitor your smartphone’s battery health. Keep in mind that these apps require some usage time to comprehensively understand your phone battery’s behavior.

If you’ve observed erratic battery discharge or other battery-related issues on your phone recently, conducting a battery health check is a prudent step.

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