Google Photos Unveils Enhanced Security with the New Locked Folder Feature: Here’s How

Google Photos Unveils Enhanced Security with the New Locked Folder Feature: Here's How

Google Photos, a prominent cloud-based media storage platform, has introduced an innovative update aimed at bolstering the security of users’ sensitive images by adding an extra layer of protection to their devices. This recent development comes on the heels of the company’s announcement regarding a novel “Locked Folder” feature for Android users. This feature permits them to conceal specific photos and videos behind a passcode, and notably, this functionality has been extended to iOS and web users. Additionally, Google Photos now offers an option to back up Locked Folders, enabling users to access these encrypted images through Google’s cloud across multiple devices.

The developers have explained that any images or videos stored and backed up within the Locked Folder will remain exclusive to that folder, without appearing in other sections of the app, such as the photo grid, Memories, albums, or search results within Google Photos, until backup for the Locked Folder is enabled.

In a recent blog post, Google stated, “We are gradually rolling out the capability to back up your Locked Folder, granting you access to these photos and videos with your passcode on any of your devices. Additionally, Locked Folder can now be set up and accessed on iOS devices and on the web.”

Google further elucidated, “Once you enable backup for the Locked Folder, you can access this information across your devices by signing in to Google Photos and opening the Locked Folder with your device’s passcode.”

To streamline the management of privacy controls and other settings, Google Photos has introduced an updated settings page. The previous settings page has been replaced with a new one that incorporates sections for privacy, backup, sharing, notifications, and more.

In addition to these enhancements, Google has introduced several new features to its Google Flights app. Notably, the app now includes a price tracking feature that aids users in monitoring fare changes for their selected flights. It also offers insights on the optimal time to book flights, catering to travelers with flexible plans.

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