X, Led by Elon Musk, Unveils Two Fresh Premium Subscription Plans: In-Depth Information

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X, formerly known as Twitter and now led by Elon Musk, has introduced two new subscription options for its users. The first is the Premium+ tier, priced at approximately $16 per month, which provides a complete set of tools and features, all without the presence of advertisements.

Unveiling Premium+: This subscription removes ads from your “For You” and “Following” feeds, offering a significant improvement in your user experience compared to other premium tiers or unverified users. It also grants access to our full suite of creator tools. Currently, this premium ad-free experience is exclusively available to users accessing the platform through a web browser.

For those looking for a more cost-effective option, there is the basic tier, priced at $3 per month. However, this tier does not offer an ad-free experience.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, recently shared that the average user spends more than 32 minutes per day on the platform. She revealed that users collectively spend 7.8 billion active minutes on X every day, driven by the growth of video and community products.

Yaccarino offered insights, stating, “Today, the average user spends more than 32 minutes of their day on X. We continue to see daily sign-ups averaging around 1.5 million.” She also noted that Community Notes now has over 100,000 contributors from 44 countries, and this number is steadily increasing.

Furthermore, over 1,700 advertisers returned to X in the last quarter, ranging from small businesses to major brands. Among them were 90 of the top 100 ad spenders from a year ago.

In related developments, X is in the process of integrating video and audio calling features for select users, with the aim of transforming the platform into a comprehensive, all-encompassing app.

According to Reuters, Elon Musk has been actively exploring various avenues to monetize the social media platform, which he acquired for a substantial $44 billion in October 2022.

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