Upcoming Google Enhancements: Maps Chatbot, Chrome Tab Memory Monitoring, and Beyond

Upcoming Google Enhancements: Maps Chatbot, Chrome Tab Memory Monitoring, and Beyond

Google is in the midst of implementing a series of upgrades across its diverse platforms. Recently, the tech giant initiated trials for two new generative AI features on YouTube and introduced several generative AI functionalities, such as “Help me write” for Gmail. However, these developments only scratch the surface, as Google reportedly has numerous additional features in the pipeline for platforms like Maps, Gmail, and Chrome. Let’s delve into what’s on the horizon.

Google Chrome Memory Consumption: An already deployed feature on Chrome is the monitoring of memory usage. Despite the earlier introduction of a Memory Saver option, a recent improvement allows users to observe the memory consumption of each tab by hovering over it. Chrome now provides detailed information, including the domain, website name, and memory usage in the format “Memory Usage: XX MB.”

Instant Messaging Features for Gmail: Gmail is on the verge of a significant overhaul, potentially incorporating features reminiscent of instant messaging apps. According to reports from Android Police, Gmail for Android may undergo a UI revamp, introducing a message box at the bottom of the email window. This mirrors other instant messaging platforms, streamlining the reply process by eliminating the need to manually scroll to the bottom of the screen. Additionally, there may be a paperclip icon for convenient file attachments, enhancing the overall user experience. While these features have undergone testing on select devices as part of a server-side trial, they have not been officially introduced, even in the beta version of the app.

Google Maps Chatbot: A recent report from Android Authority suggests that Google Maps is set to include a new chatbot. Analysis of the Google Maps v11.105 beta APK revealed code related to a chatbot with conversational capabilities. Importantly, the report clarifies that there is no explicit mention of AI. This leaves room for the possibility that it may not be a generative AI chatbot but rather a tool with conversational features, potentially catering to programs like Local Guide.

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As Google continues its innovation journey, users can anticipate a wave of new features designed to enhance functionality and user interaction across Maps, Gmail, Chrome, and beyond. Stay tuned for these exciting developments in the realm of Google technology.

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