Saving Cash: Navigating Toll-Free with Google Maps

Saving Cash: Navigating Toll-Free with Google Maps

Are you in search of a convenient way to cut down on toll expenses and avoid the hassle of congested highways during your upcoming road trip? Look no further than the Google Maps app. With just a few quick taps, you can configure this widely-used navigation app to guide you away from tolls and highways, ensuring a smoother and more economical drive.

Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device, the process of instructing Google Maps to bypass tolls and highways is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your starting and ending locations.
  2. On iPhone, tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner; on Android, select the three vertical dots.
  3. Choose “Options” and activate the settings labeled “Avoid tolls” or “Avoid motorways.”

By setting these preferences, Google Maps will retain the information and automatically plan routes that steer you clear of tolls and highways on subsequent journeys. Should you decide to revert to the original settings, you can easily redo these steps at any time.

Opting out of tolls is an obvious strategy for saving money, particularly for frequent drivers facing daily toll booth charges. By bypassing highways, you can enjoy a more leisurely drive along picturesque backroads instead of enduring crowded expressways. This choice is particularly prudent for motorcyclists and those who prefer the safety of lower-speed roadways.

It’s essential to note that evading tolls and highways might result in an extended travel time. However, for many individuals, the slight increase in driving time is a worthwhile trade-off for the benefits of a laid-back and cost-effective journey.


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