Replacing Google Assistant with the New Gemini AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Replacing Google Assistant with the New Gemini AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Google is making waves in the realm of conversational AI with the introduction of Gemini, its latest AI chatbot, now showcased in a dedicated Android application. This app highlights Google’s advancements in AI technology, hinting at a potential revolution in how we engage with our smartphones.

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How to Access Gemini

As of the time of writing, the Google Gemini app is officially accessible only in the United States. However, Google has not imposed restrictions on accessing the app from other regions via its servers. Users outside the US can still experiment with the app, albeit with an additional step required to get started. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit a reliable third-party platform like to download the Android APK file for Gemini.
  2. Adjust your device’s security settings to allow the installation of apps from unverified sources, if necessary.
  3. Launch the Gemini app, tap on “Get Started,” agree to the terms of service, and commence exploring the new application.

Following this straightforward setup, Gemini will replace your conventional Google Assistant experience. Whether you choose to download the Gemini app or opt-in, the familiar “Hey Google” invocation will summon Gemini instead of your trusted Assistant. Similarly, pressing your device’s power button or utilizing gesture shortcuts will now trigger Gemini’s functionalities.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai on Gemini’s Impact

Nonetheless, this APK workaround will soon become unnecessary. Gemini is scheduled for a full-fledged release on Android and iOS in the upcoming weeks, allowing users to directly download it from the familiar Play Store or App Store.

However, there’s a caveat…

Gemini leans more towards being an AI chatbot rather than a voice assistant, which means it lacks certain functions that Assistant users may be accustomed to. While the chatbot can cleverly invoke Assistant for specific commands like setting alarms, not all functions are supported.

Therefore, before deciding whether to make the switch to this AI, it’s essential to note that some beloved Google Assistant features are yet to be integrated into Gemini:

  1. Media Integration: Podcasts, news channels, various radio feeds, and third-party music applications are not supported at the moment.
  2. Routines: Automated routines remain exclusive to Google Assistant.
  3. Reminders: Managing tasks and reminders will require an alternative system during your Gemini experience.

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