MP Ladli Behna Yojana- Government Will Give 1000/-R.S Per Month, Know the Application Process Now I लाडली बहना योजना

MP Ladli Behna Yojana- Government Will Give 1000/-R.S Per Month, Know the Application Process Now I लाडली बहना योजना

Ladli Behna Yojana is a significant initiative by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, introduced on 5th March 2023, with the aim to provide economic independence to the women of Madhya Pradesh. The scheme also focuses on improving the health and nutrition levels of the children dependent on these women, thereby strengthening their decisive role within the family. Through this article, we will explore the key aspects of the Ladli Behna Yojana 2.0 and how eligible women can avail the benefits.

Ladli Behna Yojana 2023

Under the Ladli Behna Yojana, the Madhya Pradesh government will provide financial assistance of Rs 1000 per month to women belonging to poor and middle-class families. This assistance will help them meet the basic needs of their families and promote economic independence. In a year, women will receive Rs 12,000, and over five years, they will receive a total of Rs 60,000. The government has allocated a substantial budget of 60 thousand crore rupees for the implementation of this scheme over the next five years.

MP Ladli Behna Yojana 2023

To avail the benefits of the Ladli Behna Yojana, eligible women can apply by visiting the camps organized in cities and gram panchayats across the state. The application process has commenced on March 25, 2023. It is mandatory for applicants to complete the EKYC process before applying. Approximately one crore women are expected to benefit from this scheme.

27th July Update

The Ladli Behna Yojana 2.0 application process has started from 25th July 2023. Eligible sisters can apply until 20th August 2023 to take advantage of this scheme. After completing the EKYC process, eligible women will start receiving Rs 1000 every month from September. The government aims to provide financial assistance to about 18 lakh women through this updated version of the scheme. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has emphasized that this initiative aims not only to provide financial support but also to bring positive changes in the lives of women, empowering them in society.

24th July Update

The second phase of the Mukhyamantri Ladli Behna Yojana application process started on 25th July 2023. This phase also allows married girls between the ages of 21 and 23 to apply. Before applying, all applicants must complete the EKYC process. Applications will be accepted for five days in 19 zones, and it is estimated that more than 40,000 girls will apply during this period.

Objective of Ladli Behna Yojana

The main objective of the Ladli Behna Yojana is to empower the women of Madhya Pradesh and make them self-reliant by providing financial assistance. The monthly amount of Rs 1000 will be directly transferred to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts, enabling them to achieve financial independence.

Ladli Behna Yojana Certificate

The certificate issued under the Ladli Behna Yojana is proof of the beneficiary’s eligibility and participation in the scheme. It serves as a crucial document in availing various benefits offered by the government.

Benefits and Features of MP Ladli Behna Yojana

  • Rs 1000 per month financial assistance to women.
  • Rs 12,000 yearly assistance to beneficiaries.
  • A total budget allocation of 60 thousand crore rupees over five years.
  • Timely transfer of funds on the 10th of every month.
  • Online application process through the Ladli Behna Portal.

Official Website

For more information and to apply for the Ladli Behna Yojana, interested individuals can visit the official website at

Home Page Click Here

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  • Who is eligible to apply for the Ladli Behna Yojana?
    • Women from poor and middle-class families in Madhya Pradesh are eligible to apply.
  • What is the monthly financial assistance provided under the scheme?
    • Women will receive Rs 1000 per month.
  • Can married girls also apply for the scheme?
    • Yes, married girls between 21 and 23 years can also apply.
  • How many women are expected to benefit from the Ladli Behna Yojana 2.0?
    • Approximately 18 lakh women are expected to benefit from the updated scheme.
  • How can I complete the EKYC process?
    • The EKYC process can be completed at the nearest camp organized by the government.


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