Home Remedies for Better Gut Health: 5 Ways to Relieve Constipation

Home Remedies for Better Gut Health: 5 Ways to Relieve Constipation

In reality, the term “constipation” denotes difficulty in passing stools or experiencing a decrease in bowel movements. The microorganisms present in our gut’s microbiome inhabit this area.

The impact of gut health disorders on the gut microbiome is widely acknowledged. When gut health is suboptimal, issues like constipation can arise, often alleviated by adjusting lifestyle habits. Here, we compile natural home remedies for constipation:

  1. Amla Juice Kickstart your day with a beneficial remedy by mixing 30 cc of amla juice with a glass of water and consuming it on an empty stomach. This can enhance digestion and alleviate constipation.
  2. Oat Bran An effective natural solution for constipation relief is incorporating oat bran into your diet. Oat bran contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, promoting gut health and easing constipation.
  3. Ghee with Milk The presence of butyric acid in ghee aids in intestinal movement and metabolism. Consuming a teaspoon of ghee with hot milk before bedtime can help prevent constipation the next morning.
  4. Leafy Greens Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are rich in folate, vitamins C and K, and fiber. These leafy greens contribute to the weight and bulk of stool, facilitating easier passage through the rectum.
  5. Water Increasing fluid intake is essential for addressing constipation. Combining this with a high-fiber diet can further enhance its efficacy in relieving constipation.

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