Google Expands Bard Capabilities with Image 2 Text-to-Image Generator and Gemini Pro Enhancement

Google Expands Bard Capabilities with Imagen 2 Text-to-Image Generator and Gemini Pro Enhancement

In December 2023, Google unveiled significant updates, introducing Gemini Pro, its AI model for Bard. Now, the company is implementing various improvements to its tools, beginning with the integration of the text-to-image generator, Imagen 2, into Google Bard and ImageFX. Additionally, the availability of Gemini Pro is expanding, allowing users to experience advanced features previously associated with Gemini Ultra. This development poses a potential challenge to ChatGPT Plus. To learn more about Google’s recent updates, refer to their official blog.

As per a blog post by Google’s Deep Mind, the advanced text-to-image technology, Imagen 2, is being rolled out to Bard and Search Generative Experience (SGE). This tool will be powered by Google’s experimental platform, ImageFX. The integration promises an innovative interface that enables users to explore alternative prompts and expand their creative boundaries quickly. With Imagen 2 on Bard, users can generate specific images by providing detailed prompts. Imagen 2 also introduces the ability to generate new content directly into the original image using inpainting techniques. Furthermore, it can create images beyond the original, extending visual creativity into reality.

While focusing on advanced image generation, Google emphasizes the safety and security of its tools. Bard will be integrated with SynthID, adding a watermark to generated images and enabling the identification of AI-generated content, serving as a digital watermark. Imagen 2 will also restrict the generation of content that prompts violence, offensiveness, or explicit material. Google assures users, stating, “We apply safety checks to training data, input prompts, and system-generated outputs at generation time.”

According to a report from 9To5Google, Gemini Pro is expanding its reach to more than 230 countries and supporting over 40 languages. Additionally, the double-check feature will be extended to languages other than English.

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