Google Bard’s ‘Memory’ Feature Delivers Personalized Results Tailored to Your Preferences

Google Bard's 'Memory' Feature Delivers Personalized Results Tailored to Your Preferences

The new feature is currently undergoing a phased rollout, so it may not be immediately available on your account. Google Bard, Google’s counterpart to ChatGPT and Bing Chat, is introducing an innovative feature known as ‘Memory.’ This addition empowers the AI-driven chatbot to retain crucial information about you.

Initially discovered by 9to5Google, this upcoming feature aims to enhance the personalized experience for Bard users. While engaging with Google Bard, users typically receive search results based on generic queries. However, the ‘Memory’ feature changes this by taking into account a user’s search history and preferences.

In the provided image, you can see that the user instructed Google Bard to remember specific details such as ‘avoid eating meat’ and ‘I have 2 kids.’ Later, the chatbot used this information when providing travel recommendations and recipes. This concept is similar to ChatGPT’s recently introduced ‘custom instructions’ feature.

Accessing Google Bard’s Memory page is straightforward, as it is located on the left side of the menu. Here, users can add additional preferences or remove existing ones. If you prefer not to have Bard remember all your details, you can simply disable the feature from the left side of the screen.

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It’s important to note that Google is gradually rolling out the new ‘Memory’ feature, so it may take some time before it becomes accessible on your account. In the previous month, Google introduced a host of new features, including Bard extensions that enable the AI chatbot to interact with various Google services like Drive and Gmail, along with support for over 40 languages. Additionally, the tech giant has placed a strong focus on reducing inaccuracies, with Bard results now backed by Google Search results.

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