The Significance of E-Learning in Career Development

The Significance of E-Learning in Career Development

Embracing continuous learning is pivotal for ensuring a prosperous career, particularly in the early stages when individuals are striving to build skills and identify promising opportunities.

A survey released by Indeed in 2020 highlighted that 58% of respondents believed they needed to acquire new skills to advance in their careers. Neglecting skill development could lead to career stagnation. A 2021 LinkedIn survey reinforced this concern, with 41% of professionals acknowledging that they had felt stuck in their careers at some point.

Fortunately, the educational landscape has evolved significantly. Today, numerous e-learning platforms and universities offer a diverse range of growth-oriented online courses. These courses empower employees to enhance their skill sets and potentially redirect their career paths. The accessibility of high-speed internet and digitalization further simplifies the process for working professionals, allowing them to pursue career growth without compromising their existing commitments.

But what is the tangible impact of online learning on career progression? Does it genuinely deliver results?

Sumit Periwal, Head of E-learning at PGC Internshala, provides an affirmative response.

Periwal shares the story of an individual, whom we’ll refer to as Ananya, a civil engineer by trade. During the pandemic, Ananya discovered her passion for social media marketing and decided to elevate her skills. She enrolled in Internshala’s digital marketing course, which ultimately facilitated her career transition. By the end of the course, Ananya secured an internship at Turito, an online test preparatory platform.

In another instance, Periwal highlights the case of Gaurav Viswakarma, an aspirant in full-stack development. Gaurav secured an internship in this field and successfully transformed it into a full-time job role.

While these examples underscore the positive impact of online learning, it’s crucial to select courses that align personal interests with market demand.

In-Demand Online Courses

Discussing the most sought-after courses among Internshala learners, Periwal emphasizes the popularity of data science, digital marketing, and full-stack development placement guarantee courses. These courses equip learners with market-relevant skills such as Python, machine learning, SQL, data analysis, JavaScript, React, Google Ads, email marketing, AI tools, and more.

Given the abundance of upskilling courses available across various e-learning platforms, choosing an option that aligns with one’s goals and ambitions is paramount. Selecting courses wisely can be a transformative step towards achieving sustained career growth and fulfillment.

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