Do You Know About Upcoming SIM Card Regulations Effective From December 1st ?

Do You Know About Upcoming SIM Card Regulations Effective From December 1st ?

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is poised to implement new regulations for SIM cards, commencing December 1, 2023. While the government initially announced these rules in August of the current year, the enforcement was postponed to the specified date.

According to the updated regulations, the government has mandated the verification of SIM card dealers and eliminated the provision for bulk connections. This strategic move aims to combat online financial fraud. Additionally, telecom operators are now required to register franchisees, point-of-sale (PoS) agents, and distributors. This measure is designed to eradicate rogue PoS agents who engage in fraudulent practices by providing SIM cards to anti-social or anti-national elements.

Under the revised rules, PoS agents must register through a written agreement with licensees. Existing PoS agents have a 12-month grace period to align with the new registration process outlined by licensees. The government explicitly states that any existing PoS engaged in illegal activities will face termination and a three-year blacklist.

To counter the misuse of printed Aadhaar, demographic details must be compulsorily captured by scanning the QR code on the printed Aadhaar. In the event of the disconnection of a mobile number, it will not be reassigned to a new customer for a period of 90 days. Furthermore, the new regulations make digital Know Your Customer (KYC) mandatory for all individuals.

In a notable shift, the DoT has eliminated the provision for bulk connections, introducing a novel concept known as business connections.

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