Central Government Unveils ‘Bharat Atta’ at Rs 27.5/kg Ahead of Diwali; Where to Purchase It

Central Government Unveils 'Bharat Atta' at Rs 27.5/kg Ahead of Diwali; Where to Purchase It

The Indian Central government has launched a new subsidized wheat flour program called “Bharat Atta,” available at a reasonable price of Rs 27.50 per kilogram. This initiative is primarily aimed at providing accessible and affordable wheat flour to economically disadvantaged and vulnerable segments of society.

Bharat Atta is a specially fortified wheat flour produced by blending wheat, rice, and pulses, enriched with protein, iron, and essential nutrients, making it a valuable dietary option for the populace.

The implementation of the Bharat Atta program will be facilitated through the Public Distribution System (PDS), ensuring easy availability of affordable wheat flour for the designated target groups.

To ensure widespread accessibility, Bharat Atta will be distributed through cooperative entities such as NAFED, NCCF, and Kendriya Bhandar. These organizations will leverage their extensive network of 800 mobile vans and over 2,000 outlets across the nation to efficiently dispense the subsidized wheat flour.

Before the official launch of the Bharat Atta program, a pilot sale of 18,000 tonnes of wheat flour was conducted at a rate of Rs 29.50 per kilogram through Kendriya Bhandars, NAFED, and NCCF under the Price Stabilization Fund scheme.

Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister, Piyush Goyal, emphasized the significance of this initiative during the launch of 100 mobile vans of Bharat Atta at Kartavya Path in New Delhi. He stated, “Now that we have tested and proven its success, we have decided to formally launch it so that every citizen in the country can access wheat flour at the rate of Rs 27.50 per kilogram.” The minister anticipates higher demand for the product, considering its distribution through 800 mobile vans and 2,000 outlets operated by these three agencies across the nation.

Against the backdrop of rising food prices, the government has expressed its intention to expand the distribution of wheat flour nationwide. Approximately 2.5 lakh tonnes of wheat, processed into flour and sold as Bharat Atta, have been allocated to NAFED, NCCF, and Kendriya Bhandars by the Food Corporation of India (FCI).

The products, priced at Rs 27.50 per kilogram, will be distributed through 800 mobile vans and 2,000 outlets operated by these agencies, extending the reach to consumers across the country.

Elaborating on the allotments, Rohit Kumar, the Consumer Affairs Secretary, disclosed that NAFED and NCCF would each receive one lakh tonnes, while Kendriya Bhandar would be allocated 50,000 tonnes. These initiatives aim to regulate food prices, and other commodities such as chana dal and onions will also be made available at subsidized rates

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