6 Unnecessary Features Your Smartphone Can Function Perfectly Well Without

6 Unnecessary Features Your Smartphone Can Function Perfectly Well Without

Have you ever pondered the usefulness of certain features on your smartphone? In the highly competitive smartphone market, where brands strive to outdo each other, innovation has become a central battleground. While competition generally results in valuable innovations for consumers, not all features introduced by smartphone companies are practical. Some are merely gimmicks aimed at enticing buyers. Today, we explore some of these seemingly attractive but ultimately pointless features to help you make informed choices.

RAM Expansion:

The ongoing debate over the genuine benefits of RAM expansion persists. Some companies leverage it to mislead customers into believing their phones possess more RAM than they actually do. This feature involves allocating a portion of the phone’s storage as virtual RAM. While this can be beneficial for devices with limited RAM, it’s noteworthy that it’s often enabled by default even on phones with ample RAM, such as those with 12GB. Concerns about increased power consumption due to slower read-write speeds compared to actual RAM make it advisable to disable this feature.

Depth Cameras:

The rise of the portrait mode trend, which adds a DSLR-like bokeh effect by blurring the background, introduced depth cameras. These cameras collaborated with primary cameras to distinguish between the phone and the subject in an image. However, as smartphones continue to advance, the relevance of depth cameras diminishes, making them an unnecessary addition for many users.

144Hz Refresh Rate:

While the transition to a 120Hz refresh rate has become mainstream, the advantages of pushing it further to 144Hz are debatable. The minimal difference between the two makes the higher refresh rate more of a battery-draining feature than a noticeable enhancement in smoothness. Considering the negligible benefits, it’s reasonable to opt for a phone without the 144Hz display and conserve battery life.

RAM Cleaner:

The Android operating system has evolved to efficiently manage memory, rendering RAM cleaner apps bundled with many phones redundant. These apps, often disguised as ‘Security’ apps on Chinese phones, tend to serve as avenues for unwanted adware. Android 14 may even do away with the need for third-party RAM cleaner apps, highlighting their inefficacy in optimizing system performance.

8K Video:

The allure of 8K video recording may be overshadowed by its impracticality. A minute-long 8K video consumes over 600MB of storage—double that of a 4K video and four times that of a 1080p video. Considering the limited availability of 8K displays, recording in this resolution seems unwarranted, especially when the improvement over 4K is minimal.

Cheap Macro Cameras:

Smartphones equipped with 2MP macro camera lenses often include them merely to boost the overall camera count. However, these cheap additions contribute to the device’s cost, which is ultimately passed on to buyers. In reality, cropping into an image captured by the primary lens often yields better results than relying on a 2MP macro camera.

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In conclusion, being aware of these superfluous features allows consumers to make more informed decisions when choosing a smartphone, ensuring that they don’t fall prey to gimmicks that offer little practical value.

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