11 Valuable Skills to Acquire Prior to Your Next Job Application

11 Valuable Skills to Acquire Prior to Your Next Job Application

In the current job landscape, resumes have transformed from basic lists of strengths and work experiences into windows that reveal your personality and interests. Given the competitive nature of today’s workforce, it is vital to identify skills that not only provide long-term value but also set you apart from the crowd. As you aspire to achieve your career goals, consider acquiring additional skills to bolster your resume.

  1. Digital Literacy: Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations shifted to digital platforms. Digital literacy is now an essential skill for almost any job role. Start by acquiring proficiency in basic keyboard shortcuts and familiarize yourself with tools such as Excel and spreadsheets. Gradually, explore more advanced digital tools like the Google suite.
  2. Basic Coding: Coding is in high demand, and skilled coders are highly regarded and well-compensated. If you already possess digital literacy, consider learning the fundamentals of coding. Numerous online platforms like Udemy, Alison, and EdX offer beginner-friendly coding courses. Free options are also available from platforms like CareerFoundry, freeCodeCamp, Harvard’s CS50X, MongoDB University, and MIT OpenCourseWare.
  3. Written Communication: Effective written communication is a fundamental skill in nearly every profession. Whether you’re crafting emails or creating comprehensive project reports, strong language skills are indispensable. Consider enrolling in courses or masterclasses to enhance your written communication, especially if you aspire to reach managerial positions.
  4. Public Speaking: Public speaking skills can set you apart in your career. Although it might seem daunting, becoming a confident speaker is attainable through practice. Being able to address teams or deliver speeches with confidence is a valuable asset that can boost your self-assurance at work.
  5. Project Management: Project management skills are in high demand across various industries. These skills streamline processes and guidelines for efficient project completion. Utilizing tools such like ProofHub, Scoro, Workzone, and FileStage can facilitate project management, improving communication and collaboration among team members.
  6. Web Development: If coding appears challenging, consider delving into web development. It serves as a more accessible entry point into the tech world and can be invaluable for effective communication with IT departments or other teams within your organization.
  7. Design: Even if your role doesn’t require design, a grasp of basic design principles can be beneficial. From creating compelling presentations to designing eye-catching notices, design skills are versatile. Initiate your journey with user-friendly tools like Canva and progress to more advanced software such as Photoshop or even animation.
  8. Data Analysis and Statistics: Proficiency in data analysis and statistics can facilitate informed decision-making and effective communication in the workplace. These skills are crucial in drawing logical conclusions supported by data, bolstering your professional reputation.
  9. Basic Digital Media Production: In today’s digital age, understanding media production, encompassing aspects from lighting to camera angles, can be valuable for showcasing your skills and life online. You can even acquire the basics of media production using just your smartphone.
  10. Foreign Language: Proficiency in a foreign language is a valuable asset that reflects intelligence and a commitment to learning. Seek out official language courses from organizations such as Alliance Française to gain authentic knowledge and earn certificates.
  11. Social Media and Digital Marketing: In the 21st century, competence in social media and digital marketing is indispensable. These skills not only enable you to navigate projects effectively but also open doors to new career opportunities. Social media marketing, in particular, can be challenging for newcomers, making learning these skills a highly rewarding endeavor.

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In a competitive job market, continuously expanding your skill set can transform you into a standout candidate and empower you to achieve your career aspirations. Therefore, explore these skills, invest in your professional development, and let your resume truly reflect your diverse talents and passions.

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